Single Glass

G1000The ST1000 is a 2 seat side by side dual control Instrument Flight Trainer designed and built to meet New Zealand and Australian Category B certification standards.

The ST1000 will allow you to:

  • Master the Garmin® G1000 on the ground and fly real world procedures using the latest navigation database
  • Fly in IMC using full IFR instrumentation that includes RNAV, VOR, ILS, LLZ, DME, ADF and autopilot to and from over 24,000 airports worldwide
  • Fly VFR with reference to real world terrain, rivers, roads, towns and cities and much more
  • Fully customise the time of day or night, set cloud types and layers, wind direction and speed at different levels, rain, snow, turbulence, visibility and much more
  • Feel the combination of genuine aircraft parts and high life cycle, high quality components

The ST1000 comes standard with:g1000 pfd

  • Fully enclosed fibreglass enclosure
  • Dual connected rudder pedals
  • Quality aluminium control wheels
  • Touchscreen instructor station operated remotely or from right hand seat
  • Latest technology curved displays for outside views running at a super smooth 144 Hz
  • High specification networked computers providing top performance
  • Genuine aircraft intercom system providing the ability to use headsets and simulate air traffic control from a 3rd position.


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