Twin Engine Analog

Twin engine analog


Your choice of either Garmin GNS430, GNS530 or GTN750 Avionics

Fully IFR equipped instrument panel

Multiple aircraft types with automatic instrument switching to match type

Fully featured Instructor Station


While the cockpit layout is a generic variable prop piston with retractable gear, flight models and instrumentation can be selected for the following aircraft:

  • Beechcraft Baron
  • Piper Seneca
  • Piper Seminole
  • Others on request

Instructor Station

  • Easy aircraft positioning to any airport in the world, on approaches, at a way-point or any custom location
  • Real time moving map with detailed overlays of airways, ILS feathers, airspace, way-points, beacons and much more
  • Full control of weather including visibility, cloud types and layers, wind speed and direction, preset ILS category themes. preset weather themes.
  • Fuel and loading manager
  • In-depth failure system for generating both random and pre-defined failures of aircraft systems
  • Extensive overview of aircraft with PFD on instructor station and ability to operate auto-pilot and aircraft systems such as throttle, mixture, pitch, flaps, landing gear, radio tuning etc.
  • Aircraft and approach statistics and graphs showing speed, altitude and position relative to required track and glide-path
  • Access and operate the instructor station from an iPad or Android device via Wi-Fi


  • Powder-coated aluminium instrument panel and construction
  • Industrial grade throttle quadrant using non-wearing hall effect sensors
  • Military grade and aircraft OEM components providing for long life cycle and reliable operation
  • Commercial grade rudder pedals
  • Aluminium control wheel with military grade electric trim switch
  • High specification computers with powerful graphic cards
  • 49 inch curved monitor for outside visuals. Upgrade available to 180 degree wrap around visuals
  • Runs off normal power outlets
  • A WiFi or fixed internet connection is highly recommended for software updates and remote support


  • 180 degree wrap around visuals, Using ultra curved LED monitors we can produce an outstanding sense of immersion from the pilots seat. Ideal for practicing those circling approaches or conducting VFR flights
  • Dual Controls. We can fit dual connected control wheels and rudder pedals for those additional training scenarios
  • Aircraft Intercom. We can install aviation intercoms into your panel to allow students and instructors to communicate via their aviation headsets.
  • Full Simulator Enclosure. For those environments where it is advantageous to train in the comfort of a cabin
  • Dual Garmin units with cross-fill

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