• What type of aircraft do your simulators represent?

While our flight models and cockpit layouts provide a generic aircraft type, each of our simulators allow for a number of configurations to be selected in order to provide a range of models to closely resemble what a student would normally fly.

Aircraft represented on the ST530 are:

  • Cessna 172SP
  • Cessna 177RG
  • Piper Saratoga 301 II TC
  • Mooney Acclaim

 Aircraft represented on a ST1000 with a G1000 include C172, C182, C206 and DA40

 The twin engine simulators are based on the Beechcraft Baron 58

        Other aircraft types by request.


  • What credits are available when using your certified training devices?

We design and build our simulators to meet the more recent ICAO Type IV certification standards. This is approximately equivalent to the NZ and Australian Category B synthetic training device standard. Certification at this level would allow for the following credits:

  • 2 hours instrument time towards a Private Pilots Licence
  • 5 hours instrument time towards a Commercial Pilots Licence
  • 5 hours instrument time towards a category B or category C instructor rating
  • 20 hours instrument time towards an instrument rating
  • 2 hours towards currency for continued competency of an instrument rating
  • Approach aid currency for NDB and VOR ILS/LLZ approaches
  • Cross country and associated approaches for continued competency of an instrument rating
  • Additional aid GNSS appropriate to installed avionics
  • What about delivery and installation?

Delivery and installation is free within New Zealand. Overseas delivery costs will be quoted and simulators are shipped almost fully assembled. In order to allow installation through doorways, we have limited the maximum width of each section to 780mm and length to 1450mm. The simulator footprint measures 1600mm x 2400mm and is 1420mm high, so it will easily fit in a small room and runs from a normal power outlet.  Installation will be carried out by one of our technicians along with training in the operation of the simulator and instructor station.

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